In Chemrar, commented on the failure of tests of "Favipiravir" in Japan

The results of studies in Japan "by Favipiravir" which is used in Russia for the treatment of coronavirus, are preliminary and do not allow to make definite conclusions about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the drug, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Khimrar" Andrey Ivashchenko.

Agency Kyodo earlier reported that the specialists of the Institute of public health Fujita on the results of clinical trials of the drug "Avigan" ("Favipiravir", "Failover") could not confirm its effectiveness. The Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) and Chemrar produce a drug called "Aviewer" in Russia.

"The results of one clinical trial of the drug "Favipiravir", which was conducted on 89 patients in Japan are of a preliminary nature, according to scientists at a Japanese University Fujita, where the research was conducted. These results do not yet allow to draw firm conclusions about the effectiveness of "Favipiravir" and other drugs based on it, which successfully passed clinical trials in other countries, particularly in Russia and India," - said Ivashchenko.

He noted that to date, the treatment "Avifauna" were already tens of thousands of patients in Russia. "We receive from the regions feedback confirms the conclusion that this medicine actually stops the disease with timely applications", - said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company.

Ivashchenko said that the group and RDIF during clinical trials "of Avifauna" explored the drug produced independently in full cycle and on the basis of a more pure substance, which allowed to increase the dose without increasing side effects. "We found that "Avidavit" is effective for the treatment of patients in mild and moderate stages of the disease, and it is important to apply it immediately in the first days of the disease. On severe stages of the disease effect is less pronounced," said he.

According to him, the efficiency of the Russian methods of treatment of coronavirus drug was shown in three independent clinical trials on more than 700 patients conducted by Chemrar, a portfolio company of the Russian direct investment FUND and two Russian pharmaceutical companies. "Efficiency "Favipiravir" has also been confirmed by clinical trials in India. Now with the Japanese Corporation Fujufilm we are discussing data transfer to clinical trials and further joint work on the preparation", - said Ivashchenko.

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