MES Urals will award the eighth-grader who saved a drowning child

The Sverdlovsk Ministry of emergency situations plans to award the eighth grade student of the Sverdlovsk region for rescue from the water drowning child, the press service of the regional Department.

The incident occurred July 4 on the Kakwa river in the town of Serov. According to the MOE, an eighth-grader Maxim Boyarshinov rested with the company of their friends and when already was going to leave the shores of home, he saw a boy from drowning. Rowed about five meters, the student's hand pulled the child to the island in the middle of the riverbed, where also the rest of the children. One of the girls asked Maxim swimming circle, which transferred the boy to the shore, to grandmother.

"Currently, the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region considered the question of the representation of the young hero for award of the MES of Russia", - stated in the message.

Clarifies that the boy attends the local school, your heroic act is not considered and the question of rescue, what inspired you to come to the rescue, he replied: "Yes, I did not even think. Just saw that the boy was drowning, and swam to save."