Rake Yanukovych. Why Zelensky flirts with radicals

Exactly five years ago on 11 July 2015, the war unleashed by Kiev in the Donbass and West Ukraine. Then the world was shocked by footage of the real military confrontation between right-wing radicals, armed to the teeth, and law enforcement officers in Mukachevo (Transcarpathian region). Then the militants "Right sector"* in broad daylight staged gang wars on the territory of the sports complex "Antares". They simply shot the security guard, openly, did not hesitate, in the yard of the complex. Thus threatening the people's Deputy Mikhail Lano, with whom they had a conflict over the redistribution of the market of smuggling in the region.

Then began the siege of the complex by the security forces. But the militants used machine guns, machine gun mounted on their vehicle, and even grenade launchers. In the end, they broke through the encirclement and fled to the Carpathian forests, which have been a partisan battle. Two people in the course of these clashes killed (in addition to dead guard), injuring six security officials and several civilians, bystanders, burned three police cars.

What strong statements that the nationalists will be punished, sounded from the lips of the various leaders of the state and law enforcement agencies! President Petro Poroshenko called unambiguously militant terrorists. The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov promised that in case of resistance to destroy them. The Verkhovna Rada immediately set up an investigation Commission, which vowed to identify those responsible.

And now five years have passed. If someone thinks that right-wing radicals, the terrorists loudly declared, punished, he is deeply mistaken. First, the leader of "Right sector" Dmitry Yarosh arrived in Mukachevo and held talks with security officials and representatives of the government, then it turned out that his fighters who had taken refuge in the woods, suddenly disappeared. Then it was repeatedly reported that they mysteriously appeared in the opposite part of the country — the location of the base of the "righties" near Dnepropetrovsk. And all the more about this case, nothing more was heard.

In September 2015 the Commission of inquiry of Rada reported on the progress of the "investigation" and concluded that the main culprits of the clashes in Mukachevo regional Ministry of internal Affairs and the SBU, as it is not properly responded to signals about the smuggling. On the right-wing radicals, who killed a man and unleash street fighting, almost said nothing. All the promises to punish the "terrorists" and "bandits" completely forgot.

Moreover, the novel Front, the commander of "Right sector", staged a massacre, and now, quietly puts in social networks public greetings "debris of Transcarpathia", openly mocking the security forces, which are formally like "wanted" militants. According to his calculations, it is soon going to celebrate the anniversary of two thousand days in search.

As it usually happens in Ukraine, fell under suspicion "ATO veterans" associated with the ultra — in this case with the party "Freedom". It was found that the grenade thrown by the fighter of a battalion "Sich" Igor Gumenyuk. Relatives of the dead and maimed for life national guardsmen still hold shares, pleading not to forget this case and punish the perpetrators. But things there — trials are not enough. And the case against the organizers of the massacre under the Parliament at all was hushed up quickly.

Impunity outspoken neo-Nazis has spawned a series of bloody crimes. Ukrainian ultra-right have long since learned that he can kill, shoot, beat opponents to death — and for him it will be nothing. The only exceptions are cases when the victims are the same nationalists. Illustrative is the case of the Kherson activists Catherine Gandzyuk. According to the investigation, another "ATO veterans" convinced that, "Vata" and supports the separatists. They executed the order, the girl poured sulfuric acid, after which it died. But it turned out that she herself is a nationalist. And so the wheel of justice is slow, but still spun.

In other cases, the extreme right know that actually no risk. Mock trial around the case of the Odessa nationalist Sergei Sternenko, committed indicative of a camcorder, the murder, led to the fact that he just became a hero in the eyes of his "sister". In the end, the defendant allows himself to openly break the court decision, openly mocking the Ukrainian justice system and the government.

Timid attempts of Vladimir Zelensky to demonstrate who is the boss, also to no avail. Remember how in December last year, he together with the head of the interior Ministry Avakov held a great presentation is quite convincing evidence indicating the involvement of another right-wing radicals to murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet. Many then took this as a sign of change, saying that the government has finally realized the danger to her from the Nazis. Actually the presentation of this would be if the suspects in the murder was not planned provocation against Avakov personally. But here Zelensky was faced with mass protests, then openly began to curry favor with nationalists and even use them to suppress the opposition.

Judging by how events develop in Ukraine, around these high-profile cases, current President surely comes on the same "rake Yanukovych." Apparently, he also believed that his basic "God-given", the electorate is not going anywhere, but him flirt with the far right and you'll increase your ranking in the West. So did Yanukovych, actively feeding in 2013, "Freedom", which became the main driving force that sent him to Rostov. The difference from Zelensky of the President consists only in the fact that he was not and is not the base of the electorate. Take to the streets to support the chief "public servants" in case of necessity, simply no one. And his apathy only alienates those voters who voted for Zelensky in the hope for positive change in the country. Hence the rapid collapse ratings.

It can be stated that the current government is powerless, unable to oppose something nazistowska thugs. This means that they will continue with impunity to organize a new slaughter on the type of Mukachevo, to throw grenades at security forces and to organize terror against dissidents. With the tacit consent of the West, continue to repeat their mantra that the Ukrainian Nazis — it's just "an invention of the Pro-Kremlin mass media".

* Extremist organization banned in Russia.