In London sell rare 400-year-old statuette found among the rubbish

Rare bronze statue of the early XVII-th century Italian sculptor Antonio Susini, which found retired in a box of trinkets bought for 12 pounds at an online auction in South Africa, put this Thursday at Christie's auction in London, reports the Evening Standard.

According to the publication, after careful examination of the bronze item height 20 centimeters, the new owners have paid attention to the boots shows men — they resembled the style of the seventeenth century. The couple then contacted Milo Dickinson, a specialist from Christie's.

He found that the statue called "Peasant resting on his staff" has created about 1600, the year Antonio Susini — the famous Florentine sculptor in marble and bronze.

Now a few may get rich. The initial cost of the work of Antonio Susini amounted to 25-35 thousand pounds sterling. Last year, auction house Christie's sold a work Susini for one million pounds.