Lavrov assessed the situation in the middle East

Russia is not interested to any country in the Middle East repeat the fate of Libya, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

During an online session, "Primako readings" the foreign Minister noted that Russia is not interested in the fact that loggerheads of various States in the region, to thereby obtain a pretext and an occasion to continue and sometimes even increase their military presence.

"We are keen to develop mutually beneficial trade-economic, investment and other links with these countries. And in this sense we do not want any other country in the region repeated the fate of Libya, which is just stripped of statehood and don't know how to stick together," said Lavrov.

In Libya, the confrontation between the national consensus Government (NTC) Fayeza Zarraga, which controls Tripoli and areas to the West of the country, and the LDF under the command of Marshal Khalifa Haftorah, which cooperates with sitting on the East by the Parliament. The NTC supports Turkey, and LNA - Egypt.