The Embassy responded to the accusations of German espionage against Russia

Embassy of Russia in Germany drew attention to the "anti-Russian passages" in the report on the work of the operatives, informed the head of the German interior Ministry, Horst Seehofer.

They added that what is happening is not conducive to the positive development of bilateral relations.

The report Seehofer argues that Russia, along with China, Iran and Turkey remains the leader in espionage against Germany. Also noted that the security services of Russia and China is particularly active in the field of cyber-espionage against the German authorities.

In addition, the document says that intelligence activities of Russia affects all spheres of German policy, which may have an impact on Moscow, especially foreign policy and economy.

In addition, the authors of the report said that in the interests of Russia in Germany are working "agents of influence" — individuals and public organizations standing on positions of Pro-Russian, although in 2019, their activity has decreased. Central role to play RT and Sputnik Deutsch, I believe in counterintelligence.

Sputnik and RT the West has repeatedly accused in the fake, however, did not lead any evidence.