The expert explained what is happening in Israel and waiting to see whether there are Russians

In Israel, I hope that Russian tourists will return to them this year, but the situation with the coronavirus in the country has deteriorated, according to ATOR.

As the Director of the Department of the Ministry of tourism of Israel in Russia and the CIS, Counsellor of the Embassy of Israel in Russia Vladimir Shklyar, now recorded hundreds of new cases COVID-19, but three weeks ago the statistics were different.

Only in Israel during the time of the pandemic is confirmed more than 30 thousand cases of the coronavirus, about 15 thousand people get sick nowadays. The number of deaths is one of the lowest in the world (1.3 percent).

According to experts, one of the reasons the new wave COVID-19 has been the rapid lifting of quarantine imposed in March. The government has responded to the surge in incidence: the number of restrictions imposed again, but on the return of the national quarantine speech does not go yet.

Social distance required when visiting restaurants, temples and synagogues, public transport and shops. Increased fines for being without a mask in public places instead of 40 dollars, the offender will be fined already for $ 140.

While Israel still retains the previously announced restart date for international tourism — August 1. But the timing of the opening of the overseas flights can be again revised.

In the first stage, Israel will resume flights to countries where it is almost defeated coronavirus. Among them Greece, Cyprus, Austria. At what time will open the air transportation with other countries, including Russia, remains unclear. At the national level is not yet being discussed.

Shklyar noted that the issue of support for the Charter on the resort of Eilat "is on the agenda." He stressed that in the past winter season the number of Russian tourists there broke all records.

"Pause" in Israeli tourism in the city used to prepare for the new season. So, in many Eilat hotels have updated the infrastructure, the municipality has carried out works on cleaning of beaches and seabed.

Shklyar sure that the Israeli hoteliers at the stage of return of foreign tourism will be "generous discounts, bonuses and promotions". As an example, he cited his visit to the Dead sea, where the entrance ticket to the beach fell by 40 percent.