Murashko signed a decree on the resumption of the examination

The Minister of health of Russia Mikhail Murashko July 7, signed a decree on the resumption of the examination and preventive examinations, now the document is registered at the justice Ministry, said the Director of Department of organization of medical aid and resort business of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Karakulina.

Conduction of all-Russian clinical examination of the adult population was temporarily suspended in March due to the spread of the coronavirus.

"The seventh of July the Minister of health signed order 685н, he is now on the state registration in the Ministry of justice is making changes in 198 order on a temporary order of organization of medical care, where we return depending on the epidemiological situation of each subject carrying out preventive examinations and check UPS," said Karakulina at a round table in the Federation Council "strengthening of the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the new environment."

She said that the Ministry of health has prepared guidelines on a phased resumption of routine inspections and prophylactic medical examination.

According to these recommendations, resume, medical examination and preventive examinations for certain groups of the population may on the second and third stages of lifting the restrictive measures in the region, invite for medical examination of citizens at risk is possible only after the lifting of restrictions.