It became clear, as three different groups of travelers now plan their holiday

Analysts of Association of tour operators of Russia has allocated three behavioral models that different groups of Russian tourists follow when planning and buying trips, according to ATOR.

According to the Executive Director of the Association Maya Lomidze, the distribution of approximately 40, 40 and 20 percent.

The first group of tourists after the quarantine restrictions want to break any rest. This can be a budget trip to the sea or to any available pond, to the cottage, country hotel, drive your own car to your or nearby area. Security issues for this, pretty massive, groups of tourists are not very important. These people usually do not believe in the danger of the virus, but an absolute priority for them is affordable price comfortable.

The second group attaches more importance is security, but also primarily focused on price: in this client segment is of low ability to pay. These people will use the product only with a good balance of affordable prices and evidence of the safety of their guests.

"Finally, the third group of today's clients of the tourist industry – not so huge, but affluent audience, choosing safe holiday, — tells Maya Lomidze. — In terms of a closure that is high in demand from this segment has generated an amazing situation where the luxury accommodation facilities on the Russian Black sea 100 percent loaded until the end of September."

According to ATOR analytical service, these features of consumer behavior, it is advisable to consider all market participants when forming their plans and range of offerings.