Baikonur has sent doctors and equipment to combat COVID-19

The plane with the experts of the Federal medical-biological Agency, additional beds and medical equipment shipped to Baikonur to combat the coronavirus, said on Friday Russia's Roscosmos.

On Board are the Deputy head of the FMBA Vladimir Romanov and the head of the Department of health and industrial medicine Agency Michael Alderman.

In the "Roskosmos" I assure you that as of July 10, "at the cosmodrome Baikonur there are no documented cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection COVID-19". According to the Corporation, in the city of Baikonur was 113 people with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19.

"Roskosmos" recalled that on June 27 at Baikonur already arrived consolidated medical units of the FMBA of Russia of five specialists. With them were delivered to five of the ventilator, 2 thousand sets of PPE kits and additional drugs.