Scientists have learned about the threat of a malfunction of the immune system in people with coronavirus

Ill COVID-19 may have problems with immunity, is reported in the Preprint of the research scientists from the Institute of Virology of Wuhan on the portal medrxiv.

Lymphopenia, that is, temporary or persistent decrease of lymphocytes in the blood, is a typical symptom in patients with COVID-19.

Scientists have studied the condition of the 55 survivors COVID-19, to learn how changing the number of immune cells in the blood. They found out that patients had phenotypic changes in lymphocytes after recovery in four to eleven weeks.

In addition, according to the scientists, the patients showed no trend toward recovery in the number of lymphocytes during the observation period.

As told "Izvestia" head of the laboratory of genomic engineering MIPT (University— participant of the project "5-100") Pavel Volchkov, when a person infected with a pathogen, the body is the expansion of the lymphocytes.

"After the infection in the body is a "demobilization", as is the number of activated T-cells and b-cells is no longer necessary", — said the Dormouse.

After activation, immune cells do not live long — they disappear or become "memory cells". This, according to him, called the immune system. However, as noted, while sending "the soldier-cells "in stock" can be small fluctuations in their numbers, but then their number will be restored by new cells. In addition, coronavirus, causes acute, i.e. short-term infection. At the same time, Volchkov stressed that there are no coronavirus, which has passed into the chronic phase and went to live in the human body. Thus, according to the scientist, coronavirus "can theoretically infect cells of the immune system that can actually cause their deaths"

According to the Deputy Director on scientific work of IFHE RAS Oleg batishcheva, clear evidence that SARS-Cov-2 can cause cell death the immune system, triggering specific biochemical reaction, is not detected. According to him, none of the coronaviruses, unlike HIV, cannot replicate in immune cells.

According to who, the world confirmed more than 11.8 million cases of coronavirus infection, has killed 545 thousand people. According to statistics from the Johns Hopkins University, in the world there are 12.2 million cases COVID-19, died 554 thousand people. Most cases in the United States, Brazil and India.

In Russia, according to the latest data, was 707 301 cases COVID-19, recovered 481 316 patient died 10 843.

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