Japanese scientists found the cause of savagery manual deer in Nara

Scientists at the University of Hokkaido found that the sharp decline in tourists due to the spread of the coronavirus led to the savagery hand of the deer Park in Nara city, reported the TV channel NHK.

Spotted deer that roam freely through the Park between the temples and begging for food from tourists, are "the hallmark of the city of Nara. The local administration has long tried to solve two problems – how without using budget funds, to feed the deer and give the tourists to feed them, but so that it did not affect animal health. The result is a so-called "deer cookies" - packs on a few pieces of feed for the deer, which can be purchased for a nominal fee at every step. It became the main diet of the reindeer.

Now, when the tourist flow has almost dried up, the deer were left to themselves. Compared with January, the number of deer wandering around the Central part of the Park was reduced by a third. Scientists believe that now the deer go in search of food in the nearby mountains and spend a lot of time there. In addition, if earlier only 20% of the total had a rest on the lawns, but now the number of deer has increased to 60%. A deer returned to ruminate – to chew the cud. This is attributed to the fact that the deer have more time after the Park did not become tourists. Simultaneously, scientists believe that it may lead to the more saturated the feeding of deer, the consequence can be a baby boom – the increase in the number of newborn calves.

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