Tyumen oblast became the leaders by the index of industrial production in January-may

The index of industrial production in Russia in January-may 2020 accounted for 97.6%, a decrease compared to the same period last year, while leaders came Tyumen oblast, and at the end of the list of Tuva, according to a study by RIA Novosti.

In January-may 2019 the index of industrial production in Russia amounted to 102,2%. According to experts, the decline in production has had a significant influence pandemic coronavirus infection.

In addition, since may, Russia has sharply cut oil production under the new agreement with OPEC, which also negatively affected the industrial performance. However, in different regions, dynamics of industrial production differed substantially. Moreover, in a number of regions recorded very significant growth.

To compare regions in terms of industrial growth, experts RIA Novosti has made a rating of the index of industrial production. The results show that the figure for the first five months 2020 varies in a very wide range — from 189,8% in the Tyumen region to 60.5% in Tuva.

According to the ranking, industrial production in January-may 2020 rose compared to the same period of 2019 in 46 regions and declined in 39. More than 10% it rose in nine regions, and three of these the growth rate exceeded 20%.

Leaders by the index of industrial production became Tyumen oblast with the value 129,8% and Tula oblast and Kabardino-Balkaria (respectively 124,1% and 121,0%). And in the Tyumen region and Kabardino-Balkaria it increased in each of the first five months, and in the Tula region, a slight decrease compared to the figure of 2019 was only April and the rest of the year was growth.

All the leading regions the main contribution to total growth made by the manufacturing sector. In the Tyumen region index by the form activity "Processing industries" made up of 169.7%, which is the best result among all regions of the country.

As experts explain, this result is due to launch last year, the largest chemical company Zapsibneftekhim. 29.1% increase in production in Kabardino-Balkaria at the expense of the enterprises LLC "Cable factory "Kavkazkabel TM, OOO Sevkavrentgen-D" JSC, "Nalchik plant of high voltage equipment".

In the Tula region, production in the manufacturing sector increased by 27.1%. In addition, in this region more than 10% increased production in the mining sector and by type of activity "Water