In Kuzbas the number of deaths of patients with COVID-19 rose to 13

The thirteenth patient died in the Kuzbass from pneumonia caused by a coronavirus infection, a day identified 74 new cases of infection, the message of the Governor of the region Sergey tsivileva.

According to the regional Rospotrebnadzor, 16 new cases identified in Kemerovo, 14 – in Novokuznetsk, nine in Mezhdurechensk, six in Belovo, four – in Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Prokopyevsk, Belovo area, three in Novokuznetsk and Yurga area, two at the Mariinsky, Topkinskiy, Tyazhinskiy, Yurginsky areas, one in aspen forests, Izhmorskiy, promyshlennovskiy areas.

As of Friday, in the Kuzbass identified 2354 cases of infection with coronavirus. Thirteen people died, 1042 recovered. In medical hospitals, Observatory and home isolation are 8124 person, removed from the observation 69485 people.

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