The mayor of Seoul in the suicide note, apologized to all the people and family

Found dead in the night of Friday, the mayor of the capital of South Korea Seoul Park Won-soon in his suicide note apologized to all citizens and his family and asked them to cremate him, reports the Yonhap news Agency.

As reported, a source from the city administration on Friday transferred the contents of the note in the hospital of Seoul University, where the body of mayor transported after its discovery, and where he built a place for remembrance.

The dying message of the mayor was discovered on Thursday at a Desk in his office in the official residence.

"I am guilty before all. Thank you to everyone who walked with me through life together. I always feel guilty towards her family, which could not give anything but pain. Kreirajte me and develop over the grave of their parents. Goodbye to you all," - said in a note.

On Thursday evening, the mayor's daughter reported him missing, saying that her father left home four or five hours ago, "leaving a note similar to the last will and Testament", and turned off the phone. The city administration of Seoul also said that Park Won soon is the day I canceled all my schedule on the "unavoidable circumstances". After that, the police began a massive search with the use of drones and police dogs.

Shestidesyatiletie Park Won-soon was found dead in the woods of mount Bukaksan near his official residence in Central Seoul shortly after midnight. Police said there were no signs of violent death, adding that he plans to investigate the exact cause of death of the mayor.

The funeral is scheduled for Monday, they will last for five days in accordance with the special regulations for the burial of the mayor. Usually the funeral in South Korea lasts for three days. Agency sources said that President moon Jae In plans to send a wreath of flowers at the funeral of Park Won-soon. Also they have to visit the head of the presidential administration But Yong-Min and senior Secretary to the President for political Affairs Kan No Jun.

The SBS reported, citing police sources, former Secretary of the missing mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon filed a suit for sexual harassment the day before his disappearance. The girl provided evidence in the form of correspondence with the mayor and said that in addition to her other victim.

According to the Agency Yonhap, the police refused to comment on the case, including the fact whether the claim is made. In accordance with South Korean law, the case was automatically terminated after the death of the mayor.

Park Won-soon was considered a likely presidential candidate from the ruling United democratic party in the elections of 2022.

The longest he held the post of mayor of Seoul, as he was elected in 2011, and then re-elected in 2014 and 2018. The current term of office was due to expire in 2022.

Until the next election of mayor in April 2021 place Park Won-soon is the Vice-mayor for administrative Affairs From Chung hap. At the briefing he said that the municipality plans to continue to run the course Park Won-soon and all the planned decisions.