The oncologist called the main symptom of a dangerous disease of the esophagus

Surgeon Ivan Karasev in his instagram listed the symptoms that indicate a hernia of the esophagus.

According to the physician, the main symptom of a dangerous disease — heartburn. It appears immediately after a meal, and after exercise or a prolonged stay in the supine position. Often, the bouts of heartburn are accompanied by inflammation of the lining of the esophagus — esophagitis.

A hernia can also indicate pain in the retrosternal or epigastric area (the area of the solar plexus). The doctor explained that the disease may indicate the feeling of fullness in upper quadrant and belching air.

Hernias appear under the influence of internal and external factors, said the doctor. In the infringement of a motility of the digestive system, the weakening and loss of muscle tone of the diaphragm. The result is the displacement of the structures located in the upper abdominal cavity, and this, in turn, leads to leakage in the breast area parts of the internal organs, which normally should be under the diaphragm, concluded Karasev.