Trump sure nominated Kanye West will support it

The President of the United States Donald trump is confident that nominated rapper Kanye West will support him in the election.

According to trump, West has missed the deadline for candidate registration in several States, and he will have to solve this problem.

"He's a good guy, the man I'm in trouble, and I think in the end he will support us," said trump.

West and his wife Kim Kardashian previously collaborated with the administration of the trump proposals for the rehabilitation of prisoners. West also spoke out in support of trump.

West previously announced his intention to run for U.S. President as an independent candidate. Traditionally, the real chances of being elected have only candidates of the two leading parties - Republican and Democratic - this year they are already defined, they were Donald trump and Joe Biden. There are few cases when third party candidates or independents have gained significant number of votes. At the moment, the last person who is turned - businessman Ross Perot, who ran in 1992 and got 19% of the votes. However, the Pen did not win a single state and therefore received no electoral votes that elect a President in a two-stage voting system.