In Argentina demonstrations against quarantine

Demonstrations against quarantine and criticizing the actions of the authorities were held in many regions of Argentina, according to TV channel TN.

The largest protests were in Buenos Aires, despite a strict regime of isolation. The capital of the country is quarantined to 112 days. Unlike many other regions where the business already beginning a gradual recovery, in Buenos Aires, after a brief period of relief, most of the entrepreneurs were again forbidden to work.

The protests for freedom and against corruption were also held in provinces such as tucumán, Mendoza, neuquén, Santa Fe, San Juan, Cordoba.

July 9, Argentina's independence Day, so many people took to the streets with flags, singing the national anthem and demanded that the government respect their rights. In addition to the March on foot, which is not in all cases took place in accordance with social distance, people drove with horns and music on machines.

In General, the demonstrations were peaceful. However, in Buenos Aires, several journalists were attacked by protesters. Many citizens advocated for fair and objective coverage of the media policy of the current authorities.

The Association of foreign journalists of Argentina (ACERA) made a statement drawing attention to "the lack of safety measures, against which colleagues had to do their work because of the indifference of the security personnel who were on the ground." The organization demanded investigation into these incidents to ensure that such situation does not happen again.

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