In the US Professor arrested on charges of working for the PRC

Scientist song Guo Zheng was detained in the US on charges of working for the PRC, announced Thursday in a press release from the U.S. Department of justice.

A scientist who worked at the Ohio state University, is also accused of perjury.

The detention took place on 22 may, but publicly it was announced on Thursday. Song Guo Zheng was arrested when transferring to a flight to China in anchorage, Alaska.

"We are again faced with what American University Professor... deliberately didn't mention his links with Chinese University and receiving money from the government of China in order to obtain millions of dollars in grants in the United States," said assistant US attorney General for national security John Demers. According to him, such cases in the US a lot.

The US accuses China in a targeted campaign to obtain technologies and expertise from the US to bypass us law. Director of the Centre for counterintelligence and national security of the United States bill Ivanin said earlier that the United States last year accused 50 people in the illegal work in China.