In the Serbian capital eight hours of continued peaceful protest

Peaceful protest in the capital of Serbia in front of the Assembly (Parliament) on Thursday lasted eight hours, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic in on Thursday, following two days of unrest because of the restrictions on the coronavirus reported a new tightening measures, particularly the ban on assemblies in the premises and outdoor Seating over 10 people. Thus, the authorities abandoned the idea of imposing a curfew, which led to mass protests of citizens.

On Thursday evening, the protesters chose peaceful tactics, they began to gather at about 17.00 (18.00 GMT) in the square before the Parliament building. More than half came from the village on the asphalt and the paving in front of the steps of the Assembly. The event took place under the motto "Sit down, don't be fooled".

The police almost never show up outside the fence. In contrast to the previous evenings and nights was not cordons heavily equipped police units.

No speeches of organizers and policy statements, although one of the organizers Srdjan Nogo - was before the Assembly.

A few times the atmosphere through the fence at the steps of Parliament escalated, to the side door of the legislative Assembly threw bottles and stones. But activists and supporters of peaceful protest began to chant in unison "Sit!" and the tension did not degenerate into an attempt to break inside. Some of the most aggressive came, that moved the fence of the Parliament, returned by the participants of the protest and expelled, without a serious beating.

Periodically in different parts of the area lit flares and threw firecrackers, the participants chanted slogans in support of Kosovo as part of Serbia or insults to the authorities. Square far after midnight remained the most resistant group, who shouted through the fence and I climbed it to take pictures. About 1.00 (2.00 GMT) cars and utilities, and began to water the area and collect the trash, and then went past the protesters.

According to the interior Ministry, during the two-day clashes in Serbia suffered 118 police officers, were arrested 153 people. Vice-mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic assessed the damage only on the first night of the riots in 127 thousand euros.

The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the current epidemiological situation in the country and the actions of the authorities to combat the spread of coronavirus, require the provision of "truthful" information about the victims COVID-19 and criticized the policies of President Alexander Vucic.