How to treat a ban on the Holy water in Catholic churches in Peru?

In Peru, Catholic churches banned Holy water because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. How can you relate to this? I don't remember in Russia there were some restrictions on the use of Holy water, even in the most difficult period... the man, 40 years old, Voronezh

It is necessary to understand what sanctified – not Holy, and consecrated water in a Catholic Church. As a rule, a vessel, a small Holy water bowl at the entrance into which people dip hands, and then to cross himself.

See, in Christianity, there is no magic, no anything. Holy water is consecrated water, but, in this sense, it is water, in which dip your hands, so it is a potential vector... that it is consecrated - Yes, consecrated what to do. But, apparently, this is a necessary measure. Although there may be other opinions in popular piety.

Here I was yesterday in Moscow at a friend's dentist. He prohibited the use of aerosols, the use of air conditioners for the same reasons, which in Peru is limited to the use of consecrated water. And in this case no difference between the use of aerosols in dental surgery and blessed water in the temple I do not see.