The President of Serbia for the first time in two years, will meet with "Prime Minister" of Kosovo

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday began a multi-day trip to Europe, the result of which will be the first in 2018, a meeting with the Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo Abdulahim Hoti.

The purpose of his visit, Vucic called the fight for the interests of Serbia on the Kosovo issue. In France July 9, a meeting was held of the Serbian leader with the President of France Emanuele a Macron. Next day online summit of the EU leadership, Germany, France, Serbia and the breakaway Republic. Initiated by the leaders of France and Germany.

On July 12, scheduled the first meeting between the Serbian President and Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Kosovo Hoti Abdulahim in Brussels. The most optimistic observers in the region expect some new, though the technical agreement between the parties. Meetings between representatives of Belgrade and Pristina since the beginning of the dialogue under the auspices of the EU in 2011, often ended with the only result of the agreement to continue negotiations.

As such, the plan proposals for the solution of the question is not voiced, neither Serbian President nor Kosovo "Prime Minister". Vucic has stressed repeatedly that he expects some of the ideas and suggestions from the West, not from the Kosovo Albanian side.

According to him, he was already seven years tolerate the pressure, forcing it to the end of each year to sign a legally binding and comprehensive agreement on normalization of relations with Pristina. While Vucic complains that he sees no solution to the problem, as proposed a few years earlier the draft of the delimitation of the Serbs against the Albanians in Kosovo found no support in Serbia and the EU.

The head of the Kosovo Albanian government arrived in Paris on 7 July, where he held a conversation with Him, after which thanked him for his support in the matter of perspective of Pristina the issue of rapprochement with the EU. Hoti also promotes previously promised and repeatedly postponed by Brussels to introduce visa-free regime for holders of Kosovo passports.

"France continues to support Kosovo in the dialogue process with Serbia, which should lead to mutual recognition and normalization of relations," wrote the Kosovo "Prime Minister" on Twitter. To discuss any changes to the borders of the breakaway Republic or the exchange of territory, he refused earlier.

How and what can negotiate with Belgrade and Pristina with these positions, European mediators did not elaborate, according to the statements from Brussels, for them the important fact of the resumption of dialogue under the auspices of the EU.

The special representative of the President of the United States Donald trump talks between the Serbs and kosovoalbanians Richard Grenell before the meeting, Vucic and Hoti expressed full support for the continuation of dialogue under the mediation of the European Union and expressed hope "to resolve the issue of visa liberalization (for Kosovars in the EU) in the course of this meeting." For Brussels, which is facing problems of epidemic COVID-19, migrants, and the severe economic consequences of the crisis because of the coronavirus, visa-free entry to the Kosovo Albanians doesn't look urgent. Until now, the reasons for the refusal of visa liberalization has become corruption in Pristina and the fulfillment of the agreements with Belgrade.

The United States themselves tried to organize the talks Vucic Hoti in Washington on June 27. But the Special Prosecutor of international court for crimes in Kosovo (SPO) in the Hague has announced the charges against the Kosovo "President" of Hashim Thaci's war crimes in the 1998-1999 year. Due to immediately complicate the situation in Pristina, Kosovo "Prime Minister" came back home from the USA, and the meeting broke.

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his visit to Belgrade on 18 June said that boosting the "final normalization" in Kosovo and create artificial deadlines is counterproductive.

"We believe that boosting the so-called "final normalization", to adjust it under any artificial deadlines would be counterproductive," he said at a press conference following talks with President of Serbia.

According to Lavrov, Russia believes that the European Union, which has the mandate of the UN General Assembly on the role of a mediator in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina must not eschew their duties and should perform them impartially, effectively and to enforce the decisions that have been reached.

According to Lavrov, the Russian position on the Kosovo settlement is unchanged, it is to support all efforts and steps and initiatives that will help Belgrade and Pristina to reach a viable acceptable solution based on the resolutions of the UN security Council 1244.