In the state Duma want to organize a round table with the participation of Pavel Durov

Deputy head of the faction "Fair Russia" Fedot Tumusov plans to organize in the state Duma a round table with the participation of the Telegram founder Pavel Durov, where he will discuss the situation on the market of mobile applications, including the idea of culture is legally oblige Apple to allow users to install apps not only via the AppStore.

Earlier, the founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov expressed the opinion that Apple should be required to provide an opportunity for users to download and install apps from alternative stores and not just through the official AppStore.

"The film offers "legally oblige Apple to allow users to install apps not only via the AppStore" ... are you Sure we want to discuss the situation and to hold in the Duma round table with experts. I sincerely hope that Pavel Durov could remotely participate in it, that we are all the more listened to his proposal ... I will Try to organize an activity in the Duma," wrote Tumusov in your Telegram.

He noted that it is too early to tell what this will evolve in the bill, negotiating with companies and will remain at the level of the discussions.

"The idea is extremely interesting, though balancing on the edge: do not turn the implementation of such measures just leaving the Apple from the Russian market? Even it can be attributed to a law requiring Google and Apple to preset the number of Russian applications for smartphones, has sparked a huge wave of information. But here the matter is more serious," wrote Tumusov.

He stressed that on the other hand, "and the benefit for Russian programmers is obvious. In General, the main thing – do not shoot from the hip".