The judge asked to reconsider the decision to close the case Flynn

The judge in the case of former adviser to Donald trump, Michael Flynn asks appeals court to reconsider the decision to close the case, according to court documents.

Earlier, the court of appeal by a majority of two votes against one ordered the judge to dismiss the case, citing the relevant decision of the Ministry of justice. However, judge Emmet Sullivan, who has in the past threatened Flynn with jail, asked an expanded panel of the court of appeal to reconsider this decision.

"The decision threatens to turn upside down legal processes. The district court should consider and make decisions on existing applications, even those that look simple. (Appeals), the court, if asked, consider these decisions, not prejudge them," said the petition filed by lawyers for judge Sullivan.

Earlier, the Ministry of justice was removed from Flynn's accusations of making false statements to the FBI and asked the court to dismiss the case. Judge Emmett Sullivan refused to do so and appointed an independent expert to assess the case. He recommended that the case not be closed, and Flynn's sentence for a crime that he already admitted earlier. The expert also proposed to punish Flynn because he lied to the court because he initially confessed to the crime, and then tried to withdraw the recognition.

Flynn was an adviser to President Donald trump on national security for three weeks in January-February 2017. He was accused of wrongly informing trump and the FBI about the telephone conversations with then Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. The case became one of the most notable in the "Russian investigation", the results of which spectracolor Robert Mueller confirmed the accusations of Russia in "intervention in election" (Moscow denies this), but failed to substantiate assumptions about the "conspiracy" trump with Moscow, which denied not only in the Kremlin but in the White house.