Trump called the decision of the Supreme court on his finances "witch hunt"

The US President Donald trump called the decision of the Supreme court in its financial documents, "witch hunt".

The Supreme court issued on Thursday two solutions for Finance trump. In one of them the court rejected the congressional committees that requested financial information trump and his family. However, in another decision, the court ruled that prosecutors in new York may be required to submit tax documents to the President. However, these documents are unlikely to be published before the presidential election.

Trump told journalists presidential pool that "satisfied with one and dissatisfied with others" by a court decision.

"This is a political witch hunt, this has never been seen before. This is pure witch hunt, it's a fake, like investigation (spectracolor Robert) Mueller that was too fake, but I won. This is another fake. This is all purely political," - said trump.

The white house welcomed the court's decision to deny Congress the financial documents of the trump.

"The court made clear that the limited powers of the Congress fact-finding through the use of subpoenas should be used as support for the legislative powers of the Congress and needs to have a connection with the valid objectives of the legislation. Congress cannot act as a roving investigative authority, especially against equal branches of government," reads the statement by the press Secretary of the tramp Kaylee Makineni.