In Athens, riots took place because of the draft restrictions of the rallies

Riots took place in front of the Greek Parliament in Central Athens during the discussion of the bill on the limitation of meetings, reports of the Greek public television ERT.

It is noted that near Syntagma square a group of about 150 people began throwing Molotov cocktails, stones and bottles, police responded with tear gas. The riots continued for about 15 minutes.

The Greek Parliament on Thursday will vote on the draft law governing demonstrations and rallies. The bill significantly changes the current simple procedure for conducting street meetings. So, the organizers are obliged to inform the authorities about the holding of public events in the open air, although an Unlisted meeting does not in itself becomes illegal. Possible ban on holding meetings "for reasons of public safety" or if it is likely that it will disproportionately violate the socio-economic life of the area.

The bill allows police to disperse a rally in some cases. No restrictions will be for the celebration of 1 may and the anniversary of the 17 November uprising of students of the Athens Polytechnic Institute, suppressed by troops of the junta of "black colonels" 17 November 1973.

The government States that the ongoing demonstrations are creating problems for citizens, interfere with road and public transport, disrupt trade. The opposition claims that for the first time since the military junta in Greece restricted to rallies and meetings. On the day of voting in Athens held a few rallies.

Trade unions organized demonstrations are held without incident.