Vice-President Telegram compared Google and Apple with the Golden Horde

. Modern IT-companies are forced to "pay tribute" to Apple and Google, said the Vice-President Ilya perekopsky Telegram. A fragment of his speech published by the Kremlin pool RIA Novosti.

"It turns out that early in Tatarstan was the headquarters of the Golden Horde, and everybody brought tribute to Tatarstan. And now there's a bet somewhere in San Francisco, about a "Golden bridge," and all brought tribute there," he said at a panel discussion with the participation of Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina.

According to him, it hinders the development of the information technology industry worldwide, especially in Russia.

He also said tax breaks introduced in the country for the IT industry.

"Yes, indeed, in Russia, these companies will pay a three percent, 30 percent, they will give U.S. companies and private companies," — said the businessman.

Also on this in his article drew the attention of the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov. In the published today the material he stressed that if Google still provides at least a limited ability for its users to start applications not through their e-store, on Apple devices it's impossible. According to him, this allows the company to 30 percent of the income of the producers of applications.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Russians proposed tax maneuver in the sphere of information technologies significantly reduce the load on the wage Fund (PAYROLL), changing the rate of insurance premiums by 7.6 percent from the current 14 percent and permanently to reduce the rate of income tax for companies from this sector to three percent from the current 20 percent.