The foreign Ministry responded to reports of "Russian trace" in the riots in Serbia

Reports of "Russian trace" in the riots in Belgrade are "low-paid", said the Minister.

According to representatives of the foreign Ministry, such statements do to cast a shadow on the Russian-Serbian partnership.

"Obviously, the stuffing trying to keep in line with well-known conspiracy stereotypes of their sponsors, which is everywhere imagining the "hand of Moscow", — said in the comments of the Ministry.

Diplomats said they expect a speedy end to violence and restore public order in Serbia.

Russian Ambassador Alexander Botan-Kharchenko also previously called the accusations against Moscow Russophobic cliches.

On Tuesday in Belgrade began to protest. The dissatisfaction of local residents called the epidemiological situation in the Republic, in particular the decision of the President Aleksandar Vucic to impose a curfew from Friday to Monday.

According to the ambulance service, during the riots last night injured 36 people. Vice-mayor Goran Vesic has estimated the initial damage in 127 million euros. The Minister of defence of the country Alexander Wulin suggested that some protesters are trying to start a civil war and seize power.

After people took to the streets, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that the authorities refused from the idea to impose a curfew. In the end in the Serbian capital were forbidden to assemble in groups of more than ten people.

According to local Ministry of health,since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus infected 17.3 thousand inhabitants of Serbia, 352 people died.