In Argentina for the treatment of coronavirus using the "helmet of the astronauts"

Argentine doctors use oxygen helmet, like that worn by astronauts or divers, for the treatment of patients with COVID-19, said Dr. Guillermo Montiel, who oversees the Department of noninvasive support of the hospital fernández in Buenos Aires.

"We practiced this technology since the end of March, early April we had a meeting with the Minister of health of the capital Fernand Quiros, and now we are applying this technology because it showed good results," he told the TV station TN.

The helmet has an oxygen system, the pressure regulation and operated by hospital staff.

"That's what's missing from patient to have his lungs could open and he could breathe easier... We would like to see the application of this system in all private hospitals and public hospitals," said Montiel.

New technology allows people to recover faster patients who use it spend in the hospital for five days, not a month like the others. So, the hospital, Fernandez has managed to release 19 beds in intensive therapy for new patients.

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