The expert spoke about the purpose of tests S-400 to Turkey

Testing the Russian s-400 has allowed the Turkish military to study the features of the application, to assess the effectiveness of the Russian system and perhaps find weaknesses, said to RIA Novosti, the former Deputy commander of the air defense forces Land forces of the USSR the General-Lieutenant Alexander Luzan.

Portal Fighter Jets the World had reported earlier that the Turkish military started new trials of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 vs American fighters F-16 and F-4 at the airbase Myurted near Ankara.

"During testing of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400, the Turkish military had discovered the aircraft and performed on them the so-called electronic triggers. This allows you to explore the features of the application, to evaluate the effectiveness of, perhaps, another goal was to find the weaknesses of the system," said Luzan.

The General noted that of the s-400 is technically impossible to remove the technology, "so their characteristics have to comprehend empirical method".