The U.S. Supreme court upheld the transfer of declarations trump the court in new York

The U.S. Supreme court upheld the decision on transfer tax returns and other financial documents of the President of the United States Donald trump, the new York court, follows from the court documents.

For this decision voted seven judges against two.

"Issued subpoenas unprecedented. Never before the local Prosecutor did not request the financial documents of the current President. The court's decision threatens to undermine the functioning of the presidency and does not give real protection against the use of under the subpoena powers more than 2,300 local prosecutors across the country... Therefore, I respectfully refuse" - are in the words of another judge Samuel Alito.

This decision concerns the claim of judge Cyrus Vance (Cyrus Vance), who earlier in the investigation of payments to two women who reported that they had communication with the President, demanded the publication of personal and commercial tax returns of the President over the past eight years. The trump denies that he was in any kind of relationship with these women and actively opposed to the publication of their tax documents, claiming that his financial Affairs are under audit and cannot be made public until it ends.

Previously, lower courts have decided that financial institutions must provide the authorities of new York information on the financial operations of trump, including taxes they had paid. Banks and firms, which demanded the documents, agreed to provide them, but court decisions have consistently challenged the White house.

Requirements for extradition documents for eight years, has also introduced a number of new York officials and Democrats in Congress. They expect to be able to find in his financial documents violations. Trump for many years was known as a businessman and broadcaster, in politics he came just before the election of 2016.

They even ensured that the new York court, then the court of appeal confirmed that Deutsche Bank and Capital One should, according to the agenda, to send to the us Congress financial documents regarding the President and his family.

Subpoenas were issued in April 2019 Democrats controlled the Committee on intelligence and the financial services of the house of representatives. Them Deutsche Bank and Capital One was ordered to provide financial records in the investigation of alleged foreign interference in the presidential election. As one of the arguments the judges were then called "public interest" to the case.

However, the Supreme court on Thursday refused to transfer the documents to the Democrats.

Publication of the documents may shed light on the size of the state trump its debt obligations and transactions in the period when he was a businessman and was in real estate.

In the US Constitution does not say whether the head of state to be charged with criminal offences.