Ukraine and NATO agreed to strengthen the Alliance's presence in the Black sea

Defense Minister of Ukraine Andrii Taran on Thursday held a telephone conversation with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, during which they agreed to strengthen the Alliance's presence in the black sea region, the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of defense.

"The parties agreed to increase the presence of forces and means, on land, at sea and in the airspace of the black sea region by increasing patrols in the air and presence of the ships of naval forces of the countries members of the Alliance. Defense Minister of Ukraine expressed interest in establishing joint exchange of information about the situation in the region and invited the member States of NATO to join the national strategic exercises scheduled to be held in the South of Ukraine in autumn this year", - reported on the Ministry's website.

Taran said that the new status of Ukraine will expand the opportunity for dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation with allies, including the exchange of information, new posts for members of the armed forces of Ukraine in the headquarters of the military command structure of NATO, wider access to software compatibility and exercises.

The defense Minister noted that for effective use of the strategic dialogue with allies it is necessary to restore regular meetings of the Commission Ukraine-the NATO at level of Ministers. He also assured that Ukraine, as a reliable partner of the Alliance, will continue to provide forces and resources to transactions to crisis under the leadership of NATO and the NATO response force.

"The Minister invited the Secretary General, NATO official visit to Ukraine", - said the defense Ministry.

Ukraine has become the sixth country to gain the status of a NATO partner with enhanced capabilities. Formerly, this status was granted to Australia, Finland, Georgia, Jordan and Sweden. Partner status "advanced features" in NATO introduced in 2014 to build deeper, more specialized bilateral relations.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in December 2014, amended the two laws, abandoning non-aligned status of the state. In June 2016 were adopted additional changes that define membership in NATO objective of the foreign policy of the country. In February 2019, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted amendments to the Constitution, securing the country's course to EU and NATO.