The ban on broadcasting RT: how the West has forgotten how to work against Russia

Lithuania banned on its territory the broadcast of five television channels RT.

This happened a week after a similar step was taken by the Latvian authorities. The turn — Estonia, Minister of foreign Affairs which also did not exclude the possibility of the same solution.

Chances are in a special position of Tallinn in this issue is small: in the light of the traditional anti-Russian consensus of the three "Baltic tigers", and given the fact that the Estonian authorities were the most active and consistent in creating obstacles to the completion of the Agency Sputnik. As you know, to achieve the desired result they had arranged the outright harassment of employees, threats of criminal prosecution.

However, the most interesting in all this is the official justification of the decision of Vilnius. The one that claims that RT is controlled by Dmitry Kiselyov, in turn, are under Western sanctions that supposedly was the reason for taking action against the media.

It's not even that the statement is not true, for which the Lithuanian government has received scathing comments, the authors are reminded that RT has no relationship to the structures of the MIA "Russia today", is actually headed by Dmitry Kiselev.

More importantly, all this has been a week ago when the national Council of Latvian media explained the ban on broadcasting of RT because the TV channels "are under the effective control and sole supervision" Dmitry Kiselev. Then similarly, Margarita Simonyan and the Russian foreign Ministry walked through the blatant incompetence of the Latvian official bodies, to engage under its decision frankly delusional justification.

At the time it was still possible to explain what happened an accident and a mistake of executors: in the end, from Amateurs no system is immune. The state to give back in a similar situation, like as not comme Il faut, even if it is openly framed by their own officials.

But the repetition of one situation in Lithuania clearly gives to understand that it was not and there is no random error. All this is a deliberate position of the authorities of Latvia and Lithuania, which boils down to the principle "and so will descend".

It is clear that a ban on broadcast RT — a political decision. But really it was impossible to explain it legally more "pure" motive? Of course, you can. But it would have to make more of an effort to strain the responsible authorities, to seek loopholes in the law.

Once it is this feature — the legal sophistication to comply with at least the external integrity of the decisions — was a crucial asset of Western democracy. She looked extremely advantageous against the background of other political systems don't tend to bother so compliance with formal procedures.

But since then has flowed away a lot of water. The issue of banning RT broadcasts the Baltic republics have gone the way of, well knurled over the past years, quite different and much more powerful.

For Americans, waving a test tube with an unknown powder had replaced the search really existed circumstances which could try to justify the invasion of Iraq to the international community. The British did a great show around the poisoning Skipala — and don't confuse gaping, obvious to any attentive eye holes of the case. The Netherlands, who made justice to their national brand, are satisfied in the trial in the case of MH17, the legal "somersaults" that even surprised was not obtained.

Similar examples in terms of not only Russia but also China, Iran, Venezuela and other "rogue States" — have become so numerous that they have long turned of the rare exceptions to the routine. On such background, it is well known the position of the Lithuanian and Latvian authorities in the history with the prohibition of broadcasting RT: why go to the trouble if this can not be done, just issued as the official position of obvious nonsense?

It even has its own logic: the audience with anti-Russian views satisfied with the explanation about "Kiseleva, controlling RT" (and about "Putin, poison Skripal," or "the Kremlin, shot down "Boeing" over the Donbas"), and in Russia and her sympathizers in the West, more and more clearly sees no point in wasting resources, apparently believing hopeless task of reassurance and engagement.

Initially this (frankly shoddy) approach was generated by informational, political, ideological and even moral monopoly of the West. It was because of her he at some point stopped to consider carefully and need professional to work out its policy in General and in relation to competitors. As a result, he did not notice that this monopoly was lost, including the loss of competencies and relaxing naplevatelstva sure you'll be fine.

Now the situation has reached a new milestone. Now all those same forces don't see the point to work efficiently and to make serious efforts are already qualified because of their cost, and the enemy still not convinced.

Amazing here is the fact that they seriously believe (and fresh solutions Balts RT confirm this) that such a professional, or rather, grossly unprofessional approach will lead them to ideological and geopolitical victory over Russia.