Nutritionist called habits that help to lose weight

Australian nutritionist Leanne ward gave some tips on how to shape dreams and keep the desired weight, reports the Daily Mail.

Ward was advised to get rid of the habit of stress-eating and bad mood — instead she offered to find something, for example, go for a walk or to read.

According to her, thirst can also be mistaken for the sense head. So ward advised before a meal to drink some water.

In addition, the nutritionist advised to pay attention to the vegetables — prepare them to salads or smoothies.

From the use of semi-ward also urged to abandon or eat them no more than twice a week. In addition, the nutritionist advised to Supplement their diet with avocado, olive oil and nuts.

To eat, in her words, it is necessary slowly, carefully chewing.

During meals do not need to be distracted by TV, phone or reading magazines. A feeling of fullness, according to her, occurs in 20 minutes.

Diet, according to ward, gives only 70 per cent success weight loss and active lifestyle — 30 percent. In her opinion, the day should pass not less than ten thousand steps, and during the working day to do a little workout.