The captain of the FSB received a suspended sentence for divulging state secrets

A court in St. Petersburg sentenced to three years of probation, the employee of FSB of Russia for divulging state secrets to an outsider, said on Thursday the United press service of the city courts.

As found by the court, the captain of FSB of Russia across Petersburg and Leningrad region Anna Solovyeva in 2015-2016 transferred to a third party location and call certain telephone subscriber. These data on request she received from the operational-technical service of FSB.

Who and why needed this information, it is not specified, but it is known that the criminal case against the person being investigated separately from Solovieva. Very defendant guilty himself refused to admit.

In addition, her two years were forbidden to occupy positions with access to state secrets. In sentencing taken into account mitigating circumstances and "the identity of the" Solovieva.

As in all such cases, the trial took place in a restricted mode because of the secrecy of the materials.

Soloviev fired if at the moment of the FSB in the press release is not specified.