Gamer showed how playing Minecraft with a synth

Gamer and run Jachael123 published on YouTube a series of videos, which shows how to pass missions, including a Survival mode (Survival) in the game Minecraft. In this, he just uses the synth, reports ScreenRant.

According to the publication, blogger reprogrammed the keys on the keyboard of a musical instrument so that they correspond to the combinations on the computer when he runs the game.

In the video, devoted to 'Survival' (considered to be one of the major in Minecraft — Approx.ed.) the blogger shows, how the first simple levels, and then more complex. Surprisingly, the gamer pressing on the keys of a synthesizer, it is possible to reach the final and battle with the strongest monster — the Ender dragon and complete the game.

In ScreenRant noted, Jachael123 not the first who has played Minecraft this way. In August 2019 pass mode "Survival" with the help of a musical instrument tried YouTube-blogger Dylan Tacit (Dylan Tallchief). And although he has a lot already, pass the mode to the end he could not.

In Minecraft, created by programmer Markus Persson (it is possible to perform tasks in different order), gamers find themselves in a three dimensional world, which can build various structures and fight monsters. Since the release in 2011, this game became the most sold in history.