Mishustin appreciated the experience of Tatarstan in the creation of a hospital for infectious diseases

The experience of Tatarstan on creating in the shortest possible time a new infectious case hospital should be extended to the whole country, the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

The Prime Minister on Thursday met with head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov during his working visit to the Republic. Mishustin thanked the head of region for organization of the visit of the government delegation.

"Difficult was the situation in all regions of the country and, in particular, in Tatarstan. But today you showed how the Republic had acted during the difficult situation of the pandemic. In particular, what we saw: 72 day built a new building of the Republican infectious clinical hospital named Agafonov is an example of how in these conditions all the technology to gather, innovate and solve a very important question to help people. I think he deserve to be spread, to show throughout this project," - said Mishustin in the beginning of the meeting.

A little late to the conversation mishustina and joined Minnikhanov, state counselor of the Republic, the first President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev. "Mintimer Sharipovich, good day, dear. I am very glad to see you," said the Prime Minister.

He Shaimiev greeted with a handshake, they hugged. State Advisor of the Republic came to the meeting in the mask. "And I'm not afraid," - with a smile the Prime Minister said, welcoming the conversation. Mishustin has previously been exposed to coronavirus.

"We met a little over a year ago, you were invited on may 9 at the parade we were together, in good health. I want to say that I am very glad today to visit the Republic, this is my first visit after the pandemic. Unfortunately, the situation connected with mers did not allow us to travel to the regions. And here's the first region," - said Mishustin.

The Prime Minister arrived in Tatarstan with two-day working visit. This is his first trip to this Russian region after a nearly four-month break caused by the epidemic COVID-19. Mishustin, who headed the Cabinet in mid-January, declared the intention to visit the regions of the country to see the situation on the ground. However, the spread of the coronavirus intervened in the travel schedule of Prime Minister.

Before the introduction of the regime of self-isolation he had to go to Great Novgorod and the mound in February, and a month later visited Pereslavl-Zalessky and Suzdal, and both trips took place in one day on 13 March. In early June the Prime Minister announced that he and other officials will resume trips to the troubled regions of the country immediately after the lifting of restrictions associated with coronavirus infection.

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