Israel submitted eight inventions that will change the world of tourism

The Israeli company has developed products and technologies that can help tourism industry to go back to the safe and efficient operation, the press service of the Ministry of tourism of the country.

Management of defence research and development of Ministry of defense of Israel is developing a technology that during the minutes show, whether the person infected with coronavirus. It will be possible to identify carriers at the airport prior to landing. Those who test positive will not be allowed on Board.

Technology artificial nose, developed by the Israeli company, allows to detect the molecules are carriers of the coronavirus. The installation of this device in public areas to understand how they are safe.

The robot, developed in Israel, it is already being tested in hospitals. It is designed to replace some of the staff in the offices, treating coronavirus in order to protect the health of medical teams. This technology can also be used in airports and hotels during check-in and security checks.

It is not excluded that passengers may be required to wear masks throughout the flight. If it will last ten hours or more, it is quite difficult. Israel has created a mask that will allow you to breathe easier during flights and long trips. Currently, it is being used experimentally in hospitals and helps medical teams to work without difficulty.

One method of detecting carriers of the coronavirus in public places is to check the body temperature at the entrance to public places. The next technological solution is under development and will allow for thermal imaging scanning of the bodies of large groups of people simultaneously. This technology can be used anywhere, from the lobbies of hotels to entrances to tourist attractions.

Medical center in Israel managed to destroy the coronavirus in the premises using a special ultraviolet radiation. It will not hurt even during prolonged stay in the room. If the invention will be used in hotel rooms, homes, public places such as museums and restaurants, it will allow you to enjoy the tourist attractions, do not run the risk of becoming infected.

By downloading a special app, you can take tests that monitor heart rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiratory rate and mental stress. The Ministry of tourism of Israel clarify that this technology can detect the disease using the camera in less than two minutes.