Media reported about the arrest of two Israelis on the protests in Serbia

The Agency of information and security (CIA, counterintelligence Serbia) detained two citizens of Israel who participated in the violent protests, reported the newspaper "evening news" with reference to the source.

"Operatives of BIA detained yesterday the citizens of Israel 21-year-old Roman Levin and Arthur Furman, who participated in the riots in front of the national Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia, during which hooligans attacked police with stones, fireworks and bottles," - said the publication.

According to the source, they were arrested when carrying the bags with stones and pushed the container to ignite.

Levin was born in Ukraine and arrived in Serbia on June 19, Furman is a native of Kyrgyzstan, arrived on 3 July. The newspaper published photos of their personal documents.

Earlier, Serbian media reported that allegedly detained a citizen of Ukraine, connected with the private military company Blackwater USA.

In the night of Wednesday, as in previous, in several cities of Serbia, passed an anti-government rally. The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the current epidemiological situation in the country and the actions of the authorities on counteraction to the spread of coronavirus, was required to provide "truthful" information about the victims COVID-19 and criticized the policies of President Alexander Vucic. According to the ambulance service, during the riots in the Serbian capital in the night of Thursday, various injuries to 36 people, including 19 police officers. The number of detainees of the Ministry of interior promised to announce on Thursday. Vice-mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic assessed the damage only on the first night of the riots in 127 thousand euros.