In the UK found 700-year-old print of the Pope

In Shropshire (West of England) the Amateur archaeologist Andy Bassett using a metal detector found in the 700-year-old seal of Pope innocent IV (his papacy began in 1243), according to EveningExpress.

According to the newspaper, his discovery was appreciated by the experts from the British Museum and was officially registered.

According to the Museum employee Peter Revilla, the subject needed for certification of different documents, including the religious, could be in Shropshire, where innocent IV tried to enlist the support of Henry III, who sought to acquire Sicily.

But Revell has sounded one more version. It follows that the Pope sent a print letter to a rich powerful man, who donated the Church a large sum of money in exchange for his soul. In the Middle ages it was common.

The discovery was one and a half million artifact that was discovered in the UK in the framework of the "Portable antiquities scheme" ("Portable system of antiquities"). This project was created by the British Museum with the support of the UK government in 1997 to keep a record of all historical finds, discovered by local residents, and to expand knowledge about the past.