The analyst praised the relations between Israel and Lebanon

Statements from tel Aviv about the intention to start drilling on the deposits in the disputed Maritime area Lebanon have limited the provocative impact, a new Lebanese-Israeli war is unlikely in the foreseeable future for several reasons, told RIA Novosti the Lebanese political analyst and writer Wasim buzzy.

Earlier, the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun said that Israel's decision to start producing oil offshore in the disputed Lebanese territories will lead to escalation of tension. Special attention was paid to Aung pool is Block-9, test drilling on the Lebanese side plans to begin in the coming months.

"I personally believe that a military confrontation in the foreseeable future is unlikely, on the background of the disputed Maritime territories, and in other moments of the unresolved... the Question of war is associated with the willingness of Israel, to muster sufficient within their companies and in the capabilities of the Lebanese resistance (Hezbollah) to confront on land and at sea. Today the Israelis themselves acknowledge the presence of Hizbullah's high-precision missiles, which are an element of deterrence in the confrontation with Israel," said buzzy.

Speaking of Israel's statements about the beginning of drilling on the deposits in the disputed territories, the Lebanese writer suggested that it is rather "limited provocation" with the aim to resume work on the demarcation of borders, and not with the purpose of unleashing a new war.

The analyst also noted that Lebanon is in deep crisis, under great economic pressure and on the verge of starvation. Such a situation is not even thinking of the Lebanese political forces about the war. "So today the negotiations more likely than war with uncertain results and more devastating consequences than the 2006 conflict", - he added.

"The United States insist on the resumption of work on a controversial issue and try to benefit from the internal crisis in Lebanon after 17 October, hoping to weaken the Lebanese official position, but attempts have so far proved unsuccessful," added buzzy.

According to the analyst, the other day the Lebanese side, and specifically the speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri was given a message which says that Israel is preparing to respond to marked them at the end of last year offer.

Last summer, Lebanon and Israel have held indirect talks under the auspices of the UN on the issue of the separation of land and Maritime borders. A mediator in the negotiations was also made by US in the person of assistant Secretary of state David Satterfield. However, by the end of 2019, despite the positive trends, including 850 square kilometers of disputed Maritime territories, talks were suspended and did not lead to tangible results.

Negotiations for determining the land and Maritime boundary between Lebanon and Israel are in the settlement Naqoura in southern Lebanon in 1996 on the basis of a Memorandum of understanding under the auspices of the United Nations and the mediation of the United States. Until today no agreement on the border dispute had been reached. Trial oil production on blocks in the coastal waters of southern Lebanon is scheduled before the end of 2019.