The Spanish authorities will allocate more than a billion euros on the development of science

The Spanish authorities will provide for the development of scientific and innovation sphere more than a billion euros over two years, said Prime Minister Pedro sánchez in the presentation of the plan for development of science and innovation.

"This plan will require investments in 1,056 billion euros in direct assistance in 2020 and 2021," said Sanchez. Of this amount in the current year will be allocated 396 million. In addition, 508 million euros will be allocated to innovative companies in the form of loans on favorable terms. "It's only urgent action in the short and medium term. We have to rely on the system structural reform of the sphere of science and innovations", - said the head of the Cabinet.

The plan, as reported by the Spanish government, "puts at the center of strategy science, research, development, innovation and talent – after a decade of cutbacks and lack of reforms". In addition, it "contributes to science and innovation had a leading role in combating the crisis COVID-19, and contributes to the creation of competitive industries and companies."

The plan includes a total of 17 measures, which relate to scientific research and innovation in the area of health, reforms in the scientific sphere, attraction of personnel, promotion of innovations in the field of business and industrial enterprises.

"Spain cannot continue to turn away from science, she has to do on her iPod. If we want to be prepared for future health crises if you want to take measures that will ensure the health and well-being, competitiveness and sustainability, if we want to create skilled jobs and new industry, a fairer society and more sustainable economy, we must rely on science," said the Prime Minister.