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The police did not rule out that the murder of the Russians in Vienna quarrel

Austrian police does not exclude that the murder of a Chechen blogger at Vienna was custom-made or occurred because of a quarrel, said on Thursday the representative of police of lower Austria Johan Baumschlager.

"We do not exclude that, on the one hand, we are talking about the contract killing, on the other - could ignite a quarrel," said Baumschlager at a press conference.

According to him, the alleged shooter insistently silent, the second suspect also has not provided any details. Both were detained and are in prison prior to July 20.

"Alleged murder weapon has not yet been found," added a police spokesman.

Baumschlager said that the victim in 2007 had refugee status in Austria, was later stripped of it and sent a complaint to the appropriate authority. Similar situation with the two suspects (had refugee status since 2003 and 2004), their complaints about the decision to deprive them of their refugee status are currently being considered.

"Slain from the beginning of 2020 under a different name was circulated on the Internet a video in which, among other things, criticized the head of the government in their homeland. Because of this, he received threats from supporters of this head of power. Their intensity grew, they were taken seriously by the office for the protection of the Constitution and combating terrorism Vienna," explained Baumschlager.

As reported on Thursday, RIA Novosti the Russian Ambassador in Austria Dmitry lubinsky, the Embassy established contact with the law enforcement organs of Austria in connection with the investigation into the murder of a native of Chechnya, is ready to closely cooperate. The diplomat said that the Embassy has asked the Austrian partners information to clarify citizenship and residence status in Austria, the defendants in the case.

Earlier the representative of police Walter Shwarzenegger reported RIA Novosti, that asylum-seekers from Russia, was killed last Saturday evening in the city of Gerasdorf near Vienna. The representative of Prosecutor's office of Korneuburg (lower Austria) Friedrich Kehl told RIA Novosti that the victim - a Russian citizen of Chechen origin by the name of Martin Beck. Arrested and placed in jail two suspects in the murder, they are also Chechens. The consequence does not exclude a political motive for the murder, said Kehl.

As previously reported by the TV channel OE24, the investigation believes that the murder was custom-made. According to the channel, we are talking about 43-year-old native of Chechnya, who led a vlog on YouTube under the name "Anzor from Vienna". Born in the U. Mamichan arrived in Austria in 2005 and recently received the passport of the foreigner in the name of Martin B.