He responded to the accusations against Russia because of the protests in Serbia

Accusations of Russia's alleged involvement in organizing protests in Serbia are primitive Russophobic cliches, said the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Alexander Botan-Kharchenko.

In the night of Wednesday, as in previous, in several cities of Serbia, passed an anti-government rally. The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the current epidemiological situation in the country and the actions of the authorities on counteraction to the spread of coronavirus, was required to provide "truthful" information about the victims COVID-19 and criticized the policies of President Alexander Vucic. According to the ambulance service, during the riots in the Serbian capital in the night of Thursday, various injuries to 36 people, including 19 police officers. The number of detainees of the Ministry of interior promised to announce on Thursday. Vice-mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic assessed the damage only on the first night of the riots in 127 thousand euros.

"Although the nomination of the "Center for Euro-Atlantic studies" absurd, unfounded accusations against Russia are not uncommon, it is surprising how much can be twisted perception of reality from "experts", to find "Russian trace" in the unrest in Serbia," wrote Botan-Melanie on Twitter.

He expressed regret that the instigator of the propaganda of the "Russian threat" and replication of primitive Russophobic cliches acts, rejecting all standards of professionalism and objectivity, the organization applying for the role of "research center".

"All the more distressing that allegations thoughtlessly picked up by several media of the country", - said the head of the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation.