In Japan, the number of victims of floods has reached 64

The number of victims of floods and landslides in Japan on the island Kyushu has reached 64 people, a search for 16 missing persons, passed on Thursday TV channel NHK.

According to him, two more are in a state of respiratory arrest and heart, but their death is not officially confirmed.

Under the threat of natural disasters was the Western and Central parts of Japan, although it rains throughout the country for several days in a row. To the greatest extent, as reported by a TV channel, suffered Kumamoto Prefecture. Also was record rainfall in the prefectures of Gifu and Nagano in Central Japan.

In the city of Kanoya Kagoshima Prefecture since last Thursday fell 1000 mm of precipitation, which is three times more than the July norm.

In Gero city, Gifu Prefecture floods cut off 800 people, and in Takayama - 1,300 people. In Kumamoto Prefecture isolated 3800 dwellings.

Seismologists promise of up to 400 millimetres of rain by Saturday morning in some parts of the country.

As stated by the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, in total on liquidation of consequences of natural disasters thrown 130 people, including the military, police, fire service and coast guard.

According to the authorities, 876 thousand people in six prefectures received orders to evacuate under the threat of floods and landslides. Due to rains in 17 prefectures of Japan canceled classes in schools 2244.