RBC: the CPS has called the country that can resume flights

The CPS has proposed to resume air services with several countries, according to RBC with reference to the letter of the Deputy head of the Department Mikhail Orlov, which he sent to the Federal air transport Agency and the transport Ministry.

The document stated Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Mongolia.

The list of countries also confirmed two sources of RBC in the airline and tourism market. However, as noted, decisions about the resumption of flights to those countries yet. This is just one of the proposals, the source said. In his opinion, the final list of countries "will be very different".

Earlier it was reported that flights between Russia and other countries will recover in two stages, with the disease situation abroad, said the operational headquarters for the fight against the spread of coronavirus. The Ministry of transport will assess the readiness of the international airports to resume flights until July 13.

The Russian government because of the pandemic coronavirus infection has suspended the Charter and regular flights to other countries on March 27.

With the exception of steel export, freight, postal, sanitary, and humanitarian flights, as well as stretches of empty planes for maintenance and transit flights with a landing to refuel or change crew, and the flights which are carried out by separate decisions of the government.

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