The Balearic Islands will introduce the compulsory wearing of masks

The wearing of masks in all public places will become compulsory in the Balearic Islands in Spain.

In addition, as the adviser of health of the Autonomous community of Patricia Gomez in an interview with radio station Cadena Ser, there will be restrictions on the number of people – up to 70 outdoors and 30 indoors, while the number of children that can participate in children's activities, will be increased.

Wearing masks is mandatory for all residents of the Balearic Islands and tourists over the age of six. An exception will be made for sports, beaches, swimming pools and consumption of food and beverages in bars and restaurants. The penalty for violation can be up to 100 euros, but "consider other sanctions."

"The current situation suggests the emergence of new infections – some patients with symptoms and without, and we have to strengthen measures. The number of tourists is increasing in these months, we must ensure that everyone coming maximum protection and security," added Gomez.

In addition, will be strengthened measures to combat with informal parties.

An official decision of the government of the Autonomous community must adopt at the next meeting on Friday, and to operate the new measures will begin on Saturday.

Caused sporadic outbreaks of coronavirus COVID-19, and the undertaking on the Islands of parties with a large number of people without respect for social distance. Currently, the coronavirus on the Islands sick 134, recorded nine small foci of infection, health service admit that they are under control.

According to the rules imposed by the government of Spain, the wearing of masks compulsory in the transport and other public places where it is impossible to observe the distance of two meters. However, this rule, especially outside of Madrid, is not always observed.

Previously widespread compulsory wearing of masks in public places has been introduced, the government of Catalonia, the penalty for infringement is 100 euros.

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