The expert commented on the protests in Serbia

Anti-government protests in Serbia can last for a long time and intensively, says researcher at the Department of European political studies of IMEMO ran Polina Sokolova.

In the night of Wednesday, as in previous, in several cities of Serbia, passed an anti-government rally. The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the current epidemiological situation in the country and the actions of the authorities on counteraction to the spread of coronavirus, was required to provide "truthful" information about the victims COVID-19 and criticized the policies of President Alexander Vucic.

The current protests can be linked to previous protest activities of the opposition, the expert said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"Demonstrations and peaceful opposition rallies have been going on for two years in a row, and a large part of the opposition ignored the past June 21 election. That there is discontent in the opposition brewing for a long time, more than a year. Now trigger this new wave of anti-coronavirus. The opposition believes that the Serbian government is manipulating the numbers. That is a large complex of problems associated with government action in connection with the pandemic. The opposition considers the measures introduced as the intention of the authorities to limit their activities, so this wave of protests," she explained.

Also the turmoil associated with the tense situation around the negotiations on Kosovo status, says Sokolov.

According to experts, protests in Belgrade will not end soon.

"I think protests can continue for long, intense and aggressive... aggression on the part of the police can cause a big revolution of discontent among the Serbs. Demonstrations with varying degrees of success and peaceful nature continue for the second year. During these peaceful demonstrations was the brutal behaviour of the opposition. So, in principle, protest activities can continue and can be both peaceful and aggressive nature - and from the population and the authorities," she said.