Legoyda: Rowling got for tolerance in the true sense of the word

The story of famous British writer J. K. Rowling came under fire from critics after its support dispute with activists of the LGBT community, is an example of "persecution for tolerance", the head of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and mass-media Vladimir Legoyda.

Previously Rowling stood up for Maya Forstater, who worked at the research centre Centre for Global Development, and dismissed after several statements against transgender people. So, Forstater said that men will become women, wearing a dress and heels. Rowling has decided to support Maya and tweeted that women should not be fired from their jobs if they argue about the reality of sex. Activists of the LGBT community called this intolerance of transgender people.

"This is an example of what we now call bullying tolerance.