Vice-mayor of Belgrade, gave the first estimate of the damage from the riots

The Deputy head of administration of Belgrade Goran Vesic said on Thursday that the damage from only one night of the two-day protests in the Serbian capital is more than 15 million dinars (about 127 thousand euros).

In the night of Wednesday, as in previous, in several cities of Serbia, passed an anti-government rally. The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the current epidemiological situation in the country and the actions of the authorities on counteraction to the spread of coronavirus, was required to provide "truthful" information about the victims COVID-19 and criticized the policies of President Alexander Vucic.

The protesters were breaking paving tiles and paving stones to throw at the police, broke the fence of the national Assembly (Parliament) was set on fire only in the area of the Parliament and the nearby Ministry of culture at least six large dumpsters, pre-turning. Have been broken signs and markers, armored police also touched the containers. Street from the Assembly pelted with stones, bottles, fired rounds of tear gas and smoke bombs, burnt-out fireworks. According to the Vice-mayor, municipal service 4.00 (5.00 GMT) lead downtown for the second morning.

"The damage that bullies only yesterday (Tuesday to Wednesday) night struck Belgrade is 15 million euros (127 thousand euros) to bed tonight, consider the damage that these criminals caused that night," wrote Thursday the Vesic in Facebook.

He stressed that the alleged organizers of protests of opposition activists - will be a criminal case. According to the ambulance service, during the riots in the Serbian capital in the night of Thursday, various injuries to 36 people, including 19 police officers.

On the morning of Thursday Belgrade returned to normal, the utility has almost cleared the surroundings of Parliament. Characteristic of the Balkan capital, as in the time of the crackdown on protesters in the night, when the streets downtown were moving the line of police jeeps and armored cars, mounted police, spreading smoke and tear gas, cafés were opened, they continued to sit visitors and sound of music.